Production Information


Format: Landscape 30 x 25cm.
Pages: 224 (14 sections of 16 pages, plus 8).
Binding: Case bound with dust jacket (135 G/2m).
Finishing: D/J gloss laminated one side.
Stock: 150 G/2m gloss art.
Colors: 4 colors throughout w duo tone.
Text: First person narrative and anecdotal information.
Prelims: Introduction, Contents.
Endlims: Photog notes, schematics, acknowledgements.

Production Team

Working title: Robbie
Subtitle: The Robinson Helicopter Experience
Author/photographer: Jon Davison
Technical advisor: David Adamson
Editor: Nic Davison
Production supervisor: Jon Davison
Studio consultant/Pre Press: Ian Morin
Production company: Eye in the Sky Productions (ESP)
Printer: Everbest printing Co, China
Publisher: Eye in the Sky Productions
Publishing Executive: Alexis Bachofen
Sales and Marketing: Robin Olson

Important Note: This publication is not sponsored by, nor is in any way associated financially with, the Robinson Helicopter Company.