Photo Gallery

Here are a few of the hundreds of images from Robbie: The Robinson Helicopter Experience. For more images, visit the Robbie home page.

Ayers Rock Helicopters

Ayers Rock HelicoptersAyers Rock, Australia

The Helicopter Group provide unique sightseeing tours to Australia’s Red Centre, in the Northern Territory. Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta (Olgas), Mt Connor, Lake Amadaeus and Kings Creek Station.

Heli Reef Helicopters

HeliReef HelicoptersBarrier Reef, Australia

Aviation Tourism Australia provide fabulous sightseeing tours to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands, in northern Queensland.

Bassair Aviation

BassairPretoria, South Africa

Bassair is owned and operated by John Bassi, who has been involved with the protection of wildlife since the early 1980’s when he bought his first Robinson R22. Bassair offers wildlife darting and mass capture services, aerial census, and survey.

NorCopter, AS

NorCopterStavanger, Norway

NorCopter operates a number of light, medium range and heavy helicopters out of Stavanger Airport. Their operations include sightseeing, oil personel supply, maintenance, charter, and training.

Russell Harrison Plc

Rusell HarrisonOxford, UK

Russell Harrison is the CEO of a prestige property development company in the UK. He operates his R44 Raven II, out of his converted barn in the Cotswolds, for site visits, client metings, client trsnsport, and aerial photography of the company assets etc.

East Coast Aero Club

East Coast Aero ClubBoston, USA

East Coast Aero Club offers scenic flights over the downtown Boston, Cambridge, Lexington, and Concord areas, plus coastal flights to Rockport and other seaside locations. The Aero Club runs training courses from PPL to CPL and endorsements.

Flying M Air, LLC

Flying M AirArizona, USA

Flying M Air offers helicopter tours, charters, air-taxi services, and day trips throughout the southwest in its Raven II helicopter. It is also the only helicopter operator in the country offering multiple-day excursions by helicopter.

Robinson Helicopter Company Factory

Robinson HelicopterTorrance, CA, USA

Robinson is known worldwide for its high performance, reliable helicopters. To maintain the highest quality standards, most operations; including welding, machining, assembly, painting, flight testing and many more are all performed on-site at the Torrance factory.

Alpine Air Alaska

Alpine AirAlaska, USA

Alpine Air, based at Girdwood (near Anchorage) offers scenic tours and landings over the many Glaciers and nearby Prince William Sound. Alpine Air also offers flight training from their Birchwood facility north of Anchorage, charters, film & photography support, and external lifting.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Mauna Loa HelicoptersHawaii, USA

Since 1995, Mauna Loa Helicopters Training Schools have offered professional helicopter pilot training, aerial photography, helicopter charters and scenic flights. Their locations across the island chain allow them to take full advantage of spectacular locales, varied weather conditions and unique challenges that comprise Hawaii and its airspace.

Wanaka Helicopters

Wanaka HelicoptersWanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka Helicopters is Lake Wanaka’s premier helicopter operator offering scenic flights, tours and charters in and around the Southern Lakes district and the World Heritage Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks, including Milford Sound.

Windhawk Helicopters

Windhawk HelicoptersMarlborough, New Zealand

Windhawk Helicopters offers professional flight services within the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Flying directly to leading vineyards and wineries, as well as transfer services to and from the regions top lodges and remote locations.

HeliStar Helicopters

HeliStar HelicoptersTaupo, New Zealand

Helistar Helicopters is Lake Taupo’s leading tourist flight and aerial work helicopter company operating a fleet of modern jet helicopters from their flight centre just five minutes drive north of Taupo.

Ardmore Helicopters

Ardmore HelicoptersAuckland, New Zealand

Ardmore Helicopters offers flight training, scenic flights, and adventure flights — including heli-dining and heli-fishing — in the Auckland area.

Sokha Helicopters

Sokha HelicoptersAngkor, Cambodia

Sokha Helicopters offer scenic flights over the jungle clad ruins of the former Khymer empire of Angkor. Including Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and many others. They also conduct commerical charter and aerial filming flights throughout Cambodia.