About Jon Davison

Jon DavisonJon Davison is a leading aviation/military photographer. He has produced 15 books and been commissioned to provide photography for 60 books for publishers such as Lonely Planet and Berlitz. Jon’s photography is a magical blending of journalism and graphic, honest portrayals of environments.

Jon has had extensive experience with the armed forces and has a large network within the aviation and maritime heritage community. In association with the WA Maritime Museum, he has produced web sites ranging from the WW2 attack on Broome, aviation archaeology, to the French explorers, a slave ship and the famous ‘Pirate & Hydrographer’ William Dampier. He also co-produced with Dr Michael Macarthy, a new web site on Worldwide Aviation Archaeology. (Click to see Jon’s Publishing history.)

Jon, together with co-author Tom Allibone, recently produced:

Jon traveled around the world to photograph Robinson helicopters in action in a wide variety of operations. Robbie is the end product of that work.