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Call for Authors

Flying M Productions is interested in expanding its Maria’s Guides series of books. We’re looking for authors able to write in the Maria’s Guides style to provide illustrated instructions for completing tasks.

Writers guidelines are currently being prepared; in the meantime, if you have an idea that you think would work in the Maria’s Guides series, please contact us.

Introducing Maria’s Guides

Maria's Guides LogoFlying M Productions is pleased to announce a new book publishing Imprint: Maria’s Guides. Started by noted author Maria Langer, this series of how-to books offers affordable, no-nonsense guides for the things you need to do.

Making Movies book cover

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The imprint was launched this week with the release of its first title: Making Movies: A Guide for Serious Amateurs. This book offers a step-by-step approach to creating quality video productions. Written primarily for video hobbyists, it helps guide readers to make “watchable” video. You can find more information about this book on its support page on the Maria’s Guides Web site.

More titles are planned. Keep checking in to see what’s new.