Maria’s Guides

Maria's Guides LogoFlying M Productions is pleased to be the publisher of Maria Langer‘s new series of books, Maria’s Guides. These books, which range in length from 60 to 200 pages, are written to explain, in detail, how to perform specific tasks. Although most titles can be considered computer how-to books, which Maria has been writing since 1992 for a wide variety of publishers, other titles have less emphasis on computers and more on performing creative tasks.

The Maria’s Guides books are available in print from major booksellers such as and Barnes & Noble, as well as in ebook format, including Kindle, iBooks, and NOOK. Special “multi-touch” iBooks editions of each title will be available by summer 2012 for iPad owners.

Because the Maria’s Guides imprint is a spinoff of the Maria’s Guides website, all support for the books can be found on that site.