Lake Powell Video Delayed

Due to the failure of the video company we hired to fulfill its contractual obligations, production of our first video, Lake Powell from the Air, has been delayed until further notice.

Problems with the video team began last year when they failed to provide sample video segments that met our quality standards. Although hours of footage were shot for this production, only a small portion is usable. One of the videographers was apparently unfamiliar with his camera’s functions and could not reliably produce sequences that were properly framed or in focus. This same person, who owns the company and acts as video editor, attempted to string various poor quality footage together in an amateurish montage and pass it off as a sales tool. When we realized that the company’s end product was not going to meet our standards, we put a halt to the project and attempted to get a partial refund of the fee we paid up front. The video company has ignored all attempts to get this money back and has not made any efforts to complete the project.

In other words, we were ripped off by a smooth-talking amateur who passed himself off as a professional video producer.

This has been a very expensive learning experience for Flying M Productions. But what bothers us most is that this company is still out there, selling services it so obviously cannot provide.

We’ve shot some new footage for the video and hope to get a suitable production team together to turn it into the video production we’ve envisioned. Thanks for your patience. We hope to present you with an aerial tour of Lake Powell soon.