Robbie Book Shipping Status

Here’s the current shipping status for the Robbie book.

December 16 Update

According to the shipping agent, the book arrived in the United States on Monday, December 15:

To update you on the delivery, the vessel arrived in Long Beach yesterday, and is due to arrive in Carson on the 17th, I will get in touch with UPS as soon as the CA office is open to find out how fast they can get this delivered to you.

We’re still hoping to get the book by December 22. If so, all books will go out that day. Priority Mail shipments to addresses in the U.S. may arrive by Christmas Eve. Ground shipments and shipments to Canada will not arrive before Christmas.

If you ordered the book and paid by check or by credit card info mailed or faxed to us, your payment will be processed this week. If you decide to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible to prevent the need to issue refunds.

Thanks to everyone who preordered the book. We appreciate your patience!