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Robbie Book Now Shipping

We’re very pleased to announce that we received our shipment of Robbie books late yesterday afternoon. And we’re even more pleased to say that they look even better than we expected.

The advance orders will go out today. Our staff worked until 10:30 PM last night to package up the Priority Mail orders and again this morning starting at 7 AM to package most of the ground orders. We’ll be dropping the books off at the post office within an hour. Any remaining ground orders will go out on Friday, after the holiday.

From this point on, we will ship all orders as they are received.

Thanks to everyone for their patience as we waited for the books to come. As those of you who ordered books will soon see, they are definitely worth waiting for!

Robbie Book Shipping Status

Here’s the current shipping status for the Robbie book.

December 16 Update

According to the shipping agent, the book arrived in the United States on Monday, December 15:

To update you on the delivery, the vessel arrived in Long Beach yesterday, and is due to arrive in Carson on the 17th, I will get in touch with UPS as soon as the CA office is open to find out how fast they can get this delivered to you.

We’re still hoping to get the book by December 22. If so, all books will go out that day. Priority Mail shipments to addresses in the U.S. may arrive by Christmas Eve. Ground shipments and shipments to Canada will not arrive before Christmas.

If you ordered the book and paid by check or by credit card info mailed or faxed to us, your payment will be processed this week. If you decide to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible to prevent the need to issue refunds.

Thanks to everyone who preordered the book. We appreciate your patience!

Robbie First Edition: Good News and Bad News

Good news and bad news from Australia. Author Jon Davison has received his advance copies of the book. He writes:

I have just had the advance copies of the book delivered, and it looks fantastic!

But! yes I’m afraid there is a huge but! A mistake has slipped through the net…. A correction that had been made has somehow found its way back into the layout, what’s worse is it is on your chapter.

Page 79 of your story has breakout text over the red Sedona rocks of Arizona, but it is the text from the Ayers Rock story. It is a stupid mistake. When Ian changed this page (in fact it was one of the first things I picked up), and saw that it had been changed, I never looked at it again as I was more worried about the text, picture captions etc. So somehow it had been replaced as the high res files were being produced, and not one of us who checked the layout noticed it. See attached jpeg of the spread.

Here’s the image he attached:

Sedona Spread

[Note: When Jon refers to “your chapter,” he’s referring to Flying M Air’s chapter of the book. Flying M Productions and Flying M Air are sister companies; we took on the distribution of the book in North America to ensure that the book would be seen here, where Flying M Air’s customer base is. How’s that for irony?]

Reprinting the books is not an option. Only 448 copies of the book have been shipped to the U.S. for sale in North America. If those books sell out quickly, there is a slight chance of reprinting the books with a correction. But the chances of this happening within the next 8 to 12 months is slim.

Fix StickerWe’ve agreed on a solution to correct the problem in the books that have already been printed. We have created a sticker with the correct text. The sticker is sized to fit exactly over the bad text. A sticker will go out with every book sold. The buyer can decide whether to affix the sticker or allow the book to remain as is.

Individuals and companies that placed orders will be notified of the problem and given the opportunity to cancel their order.

As you can imagine, we’re very upset that this has happened. In the grand scheme of things, the error is small. We hope it does not discourage potential buyers from getting a copy of this great book.