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Flying M Productions is an Arizona-based publisher of original books and videos. We concentrate primarily on titles related to computers, aviation, and travel.

We publish and distribute the Maria's Guides series of how-to books established by author Maria Langer. We are also the exclusive North American distributor for Jon Davison's coffee table book, Robbie: The Robinson Helicopter Experience.

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Helicopter Pilot Stories Wanted

Flying M Productions is in the process of collecting real-life stories from helicopter pilots for a book about their flying experiences. If you’re a helicopter pilot and have a story to share, we want to hear from you.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for first-person accounts of experiences by helicopter pilots. The story should appeal to anyone interested in helicopter flight. It can be funny, exciting, or frightening. It can be a “never again” account of something that happened that you hope you never have to go through again. Or it can be a “best flight of my life” account of a great day, mission, or flight. Or a learning experience you want to share with others.

Think back on all your years of flying, from flight school to your most recent flight. If you could only tell just one story about your experiences as a helicopter pilot, what would it be? That’s the story we want.

Please keep in mind that the book we’re compiling will be available to the public. You should not submit any story that could get you in trouble with an employer, a client, or the authorities. (But you knew that, right?)

Stories should be 1,000 to 5,000 words in length, written in a first-person narrative style — just as you’d tell it to a friend. True stories only, please!

Each story must be accompanied by 1 to 4 photos or other images (for example, maps or diagrams) that are somehow related to the story. You must own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright holder to use any image you send. Please do not send more than 4 images.

The Book

The book, which will be compiled and edited by author Maria Langer, will feature 15 to 20 stories with photos. Maria will choose the stories she thinks are best for the book’s expected audience.

We expect the book to be 200-300 pages long, published in print and as an ebook.

The print version will be in black and white; any color photos will be converted for printing. It will be available to all major booksellers, including and Barnes and Noble. We’re also hoping to get them into fight schools, pilot shops, and aviation museums.

The ebook version will be available on as a Kindle book, on the iBookstore as an iBook, and on as a NOOK book. It will be in full color. A special edition ebook with video interviews of pilots is also in the planning stages.

We’d like to release the book by the end of May 2012.

How to Submit

Your story must be submitted electronically, as a word processing file. We can read just about any format.

Send the images as individual files — do not embed images in the word processing file.

The best way to submit is to collect the story and photos in a folder on your computer and use the ZIP compression utility to turn it into a single achieved file. Then send that.

You can use the Contact Form on this site to submit. Please, just one submission per person. We want your best story — not all of them.

We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions. We cannot guarantee that we’ll use everything submitted. If we choose your story, we’ll be in touch to get more information about you, as well as necessary permissions.

We’re looking for the best stories submitted by experienced pilots who have something to share. We want readers to understand what flying helicopters is all about by telling them what pilots really face in the course of their work. Help us make a great book by sending your best story.

If you have any questions about this call for submissions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call for Authors

Flying M Productions is interested in expanding its Maria’s Guides series of books. We’re looking for authors able to write in the Maria’s Guides style to provide illustrated instructions for completing tasks.

Writers guidelines are currently being prepared; in the meantime, if you have an idea that you think would work in the Maria’s Guides series, please contact us.

Introducing Maria’s Guides

Maria's Guides LogoFlying M Productions is pleased to announce a new book publishing Imprint: Maria’s Guides. Started by noted author Maria Langer, this series of how-to books offers affordable, no-nonsense guides for the things you need to do.

Making Movies book cover

Buy from

The imprint was launched this week with the release of its first title: Making Movies: A Guide for Serious Amateurs. This book offers a step-by-step approach to creating quality video productions. Written primarily for video hobbyists, it helps guide readers to make “watchable” video. You can find more information about this book on its support page on the Maria’s Guides Web site.

More titles are planned. Keep checking in to see what’s new.